Our family has been animal lovers ever since I can remember. We would always have more than 5 house pets and we would always include our pets in our every decision – the grocery list, vacations, Christmas photoshoots and any circumstance that they’re allowed to join us.

Because of this love we share for animals, my older sister decided to take up veterinary and be an animal doctor. I somehow followed her footsteps and we now we work literally, side by side because her clinic is right beside my dog breeder shop.

At first, people were very hesitant that I would succeed. My shop was very specific with the services it offered – dog breeding. But what can I do? That’s my forté. Good thing I found www.collectmypet.ie – a website that allows me to post my services and details online where my target market can see it. It was at this point that I realised that I actually have a large market, I was just looking at the wrong places!

Thank God for Collect My Pet Ireland, now I’m one of the leading dog breeders in my area.