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Collect My Pet Ireland – The Best Ecommerce Website for Pet Lovers

There are so many pet lovers in Ireland. They mostly turn to pet shops for the needs of their pets but eversince the internet became popular, some would prefer shopping online instead. Can’t blame them; it is indeed easier to shop online.

However, most ecommerce websites don’t have a complete list of all the needs for your pets. This is why was created so people can have a better system of exchanging pet related products and services online.

You will be able to see two kinds of users in this website – sellers and buyers.

Sellers may upload their products and services in the sellers dashboard and buyers can view those products and services and contact the seller directly. It’s an easy, inexpensive way for both buyers and sellers to get what they want without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Note that this website does not get a cut from transactions made so sellers can lessen their mark-ups and so buyers can be sure they are getting great deals.


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