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Signs of a Sick Pet Fish

Having a pet as a fish is very relaxing at home or at the office. The mere sight of it swimming around in its aquarium can cause your stress to go down big time. They are one of the pets that can’t really communicate with their owners when they are feeling some sort of illness so here are tips to help you tell.
First, you can check for external damage. Their outer areas such as scales and fins can manifest sign of illness. Worse, they can show that there are some items inside the fish tank that are damaging their skin so make sure to remove any sharp objects inside.
Second, they might feel stressed when their colouring looks dull. This is probably due to an overcrowded tank so if you want to take care of multiple fish, make sure you invest on multiple tanks as well.
Third, check their behavior. If they go to the surface all the time, it means the oxygen on the water is insufficient. Note down changes on their swimming behaviour as well.
Lastly, take a look at their feeding patterns. If they eat less, then they could be going through somebody changes because of illness.

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