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Managing the Behaviour of Your Horse

Horses are strong and high in spirit. Sometimes, this is a good thing. But if they are not managed well, they can have bad attitudes, too. We can’t blame them because they are, by nature, prey animals and are looking for prey all the time. When they start to walk ahead, crowd with their shoulders, pull their ropes, nip or bite, the step at your feet and other unwanted behaviour, it means that they need an attitude makeover.
The first thing you need to do is be a leader to your horse without being too authoritative. You simply need to learn how to give clear signals and expectations to them so they don’t get confused. You should also show that you are the alpha-mare by doing things such as walking with great energy towards them or lunging towards them, standing straight, swishing the end of a rope and the like. Basically, anything that will let them know you're the boss.
Horses are great pets! It’s all up to you to keep a keen eye on their attitude and upbringing.

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