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Foods You Shouldn’t Give Your Dog
We always love feeding our furry family members but we must always remember that their anatomies are different from us. Here are the foods that you must never feed your dogs:

*Baby Food – a lot of baby food contain onion powder. So if you want to feed your puppy baby food, make sure that it is onion free.
*Chewing Gum – gums that contain the substance Xylitol can be very harmful to your dog because it can cause a surge of insulin in their blood.
*Candy – the same reason why you shouldn’t feed your dogs gum – it could contain Xylitol.
*Chocolate – chocolate is a big no-no because it is poison for your dogs. It can cause vomiting, panting or even heart and nervous system damage.
*Cobs – your dogs can eat corn but not on the cob because they won’t be able to digest it well.

Aside from those listed, make sure you don’t ever feed your dog cooked bones, cat food, cookie dough, rotten food, mushrooms and fat trimmings.

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