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Feeding Your Birds Responsibly

Feeding your birds the right way will ensure that they live a long and healthy life.
This is even truer if your birds are wild birds – they’re going to need more attention when it comes to feeding. There are lots of bird foods that are available at your disposal and it doesn’t really matter what you choose as long as your birds love them. The more important part is how you schedule the feeding.
Note that birds are best fed during early mornings and late afternoons. During winter, you’re going to have to be more frequent with their meals to make sure that they get fat and don’t get cold. It is during this season that you need to feed your birds with calorie-laden feeds such as semi-moist treats or snack balls.
If you have plenty of birds as pets then what you could do is to mix your high-end feed with fillers such as inexpensive pellets or uncooked oats just to make sure to keep them full whilst still giving them the nutrients they need.

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